This is sick! (Jesus is your healer.)

This is sick! (Jesus is your healer.)

God wants to bring healing.

 The world is sick!

Sickness is one of the effects of original sin that occurred in the garden of Eden. The sickness that resulted from sin, affects our connection to God, our relationships to each other, and the health of our physical bodies. Humanity became sick as a result of the fall in the garden of Eden.

This sickness is real. First, there is a spirit of antichrist that is rampant today, even in the church. Antichrist is anything other than Jesus Christ. Of course, the world is away from God, but we are seeing Christians challenged in their walk with God now more than ever. Coldness and lukewarmness is a description of many believers who walk with God. Secondly, our world is being ravaged by hate and disunity. Many groups are so splintered that we see pockets of anarchy here in the USA and around the globe in frightening levels. Thirdly, people are sick in their bodies. The fear of COVID-19 has nearly shut the world down. It has made a few people fatally ill. Yet, many other diseases threaten our health and well being; too many to track.

Jesus is the healer.

One of the effects of the atonement (the substitutionary, sacrificial death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ) is healing. God desires to heal our relationship with Him, our relationship with each other, and our physical body. His atonement is enough to bring total healing to humanity!

Healing is real. Having a surrendered relationship with Jesus Christ will break every spiritual sickness. Whether it be sin, curses, or the demonic, they all will be defeated when we place our faith in Jesus Christ. The power of His Word, His Spirit, and His blood overcame every barrier to our walk with God. Secondly, a relationship with Jesus Christ will bring healing to our relationships with each other. By tapping into His empowerment, we can overcome everything that has divided us. We can learn to walk in forgiveness and love. We can become unified in our families and communities. Finally, physical healing is available to us. As believers in Jesus Christ, we can expect to be healed and made whole physically. There is divine physical healing in the atonement.

Let’s get well. 

This Sunday, I am going to be preaching a powerful word about healing. When we understand that being a Christian is not some watered down philosophy that has no relevance today, we will begin to see the healing of the sicknesses of sin. Let’s learn how to get well and stay well.
Evangel North Church this Sunday, 9 AM & 11 AM!

Three ways to enjoy the services:
1. In-person with social distancing (see image below)
2. In-parking lot tune to 1660AM. Ministers will be serving you.
3. Join us online three ways via Facebook Live (Evangel North Church)YouTube Live (John Carmichael Ministries), or

Stay connected through Facebook and Instagram. All other services & events are canceled until further notice.

If you need anything, please let us know.

We love you,
Pastors John & Erin Carmichael

Pastors John & Erin Carmichael

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This Father’s Day will be a blast. 9AM and 11AM

Come dressed like your dad. Be creative and funny.

There will be competitions against your child or mine (with dad rules) for special prizes.

All men 18 and older will receive Dad’s Root Beer, and homemade chocolate chip cookies (dads like cookies, right).

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