Say His name

Say His name

God’s Names reveal who He is and what He does.

Our country is dealing with tragic killings that have been a focal point of protests and riots. 

One of the ways our nation is dealing with these tensions is to protest in the streets. We grieve the tragic killings that are the focus of the protests. Chanting is part of the model of demonstrations. The chant may go something like, “Say his/her name!” The crowd will answer back the individual’s name. The chanting of the name helps focus the group as to why they are protesting. It will help get the message out. It will honor the slain. We stand against racism and any lawlessness in any form.

There is only one name that can provide help for us in these terrible times. 

The church can only provide healing when we focus on the name of the One Who can heal our country. Many Christians are posting and protesting. When the energy is concentrated in the right areas and is done lawfully, that is what we need to do. Yet, the church must remember that we are here to proclaim the name of Jesus Christ. He is the answer. Do you still believe that He is the answer for our country?

God’s Name shows us who He is and what He does.

In Genesis 17, God is helping Abraham believe in the impossible. Abraham was 99, and Sarah had not born him children. God promised that through Sarah, God was going to make Abraham the father of many nations. Naturally speaking, it would be biologically impossible. God gives Himself the name of “El Shaddai.” There is much debate as to the meaning of that name, but one agreed-upon meaning of that name is that He is God Almighty!

What does knowing that God is Almighty have to do with today?

In short, everything! With that name, we know that God is willing to help. With that name, we know that God can help. Our focus on Him is what connects us to the answer to what ails our country. If its sickness, He is willing and able to heal. If its financial pressure, He is willing and able to provide. If its injustice, He is willing and able to defend us. There is nothing too hard for God.

Say His Name! He is Jesus! He is Almighty!

Evangel North Church this Sunday, 9 AM & 11 AM!

Three ways to enjoy the services:
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We love you,
Pastors John & Erin Carmichael

Pastors John & Erin Carmichael

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