Provider How To Know God As Your Provider

Provider How To Know God As Your Provider

The economy before COVID was good and headed in the right direction.

  • Before COVID: Joblessness 3.5%, Growth 2.5%, Minorities (lowest unemployment since 1972, lowest poverty levels since WW2), Inflation was down. James Stock, a Harvard professor, said good things happened in the economy that was not previously thought possible.

COVID and Election: scrambling for toilet paper and hand sanitizer, lumber rose 300%, gas from $1.89 to over $3.

We are a couple of governmental decisions from being in dire straits… or a natural disaster… or an illness… or political unrest. How are we going to make it during adverse situations? 

It’s time to know God as our Provider.

In Genesis 22, we read about how Abraham came to know God as the Provider.

  • God commanded him to offer up his son as an offering. Abraham walks out the steps of obedience, believing that God will raise him from the dead (Heb. 11:19). God stopped him from sacrificing Isaac. God provided a ram to be sacrificed instead.
  • It was there Abraham called God “The LORD Will Provides.”
  • This story points to Jesus’ redemption of humanity. It also points to God meeting our material needs as well as our spiritual needs.
  • God will provide is the central theme of the passage and the turning point in the story. Note Paul’s allusion to the story in Rom 8:32 (“how shall he not freely give us all things?”) as well as H. J. Schoeps, “The Sacrifice of Isaac in Paul’s Theology,” JBL 65 (1946): 385-92.
  • [Rom 8:32 NASB95] 32 He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him over for us all, how will He not also with Him freely give us all things?

How can we come to know God as Provider the way Abraham came to know God as Provider?

This Sunday, we will unpack Genesis 22 and learn, just like Abraham did, how to know God as our Provider. He is going to see to it that you are provided for.

At Evangel North Church, YOU BELONG!

To prove that we are serious about sharing the love of Jesus Christ with your family, we are giving away hundreds of dollars of prizes during our Sunday 9AM and 11AM services in July and August.

We are giving away grills, TVs, furniture, and more.

WHY? Because you matter to us, and we want to prove it to you.

We have an amazing nursery, a children’s church on Sundays, and Altared Youth on Wednesdays.

We have meaningful men’s & women’s ministries.

Your family matters to us.

TWO ways to enjoy the services:
1. In-person.
2. Join us online three ways via Facebook Live (Evangel North Church)YouTube Live (John Carmichael Ministries), or

If you need anything, please let us know.

We love you,
Pastors John & Erin Carmichael


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