Sermon Notes

Sermon Notes

Provider The Theology and Practice of Provision 2 Cor 9 6 15 07/28/2021

Provider Jesus Plan of Provision Matthew 17 07/24/2021

Provider There Is The Commanded Place of Provision 1 Kings 17 07/21/2021

Provider How To Know God As Your Provider Genesis 22 14 07/17/2021

Breaking Curses 07/07/2021

Significant Your Healing Is A Work of God John 9 1 7 06/30/2021

The Blessing Declaration Num 6 23 27 06/26/2021

Led By His Voice John 10 27 06/23/2021

Holy Love A Message To The Church About LGBTQ 06/19/2021

People of the Book Ezra 7 9 10 06/12/2021

Faith From Potential To Activated Acts 14 8 10 06/09/2021

My Head Dont Let Mental Issues Kill Your Destiny 2 Kings 4 19 06/02/2021

Become and Make What God Has Commissioned Matthew 28 19 05/30/2021

Accessing The Secrets of God Jeremiah 33 3 05/26/2021

Double For Your Trouble Job 42 10 05/16/2021

Relentless Praying 05/09/2021

Get FIT Prayer Prepares Us To Be Used Of God Mark 1 35 39 05/02/2021

Reclaimed God’s Barefoot and Sandled Spiritual Authority Genesis 9 04/18/2021

Reclaimed God’s Blessing Is Stronger Genesis 9 1 04/10/2021

It Was Torn Matthew 27 50 51 03/14/2021

Unshackled What God Is Saying In Your Deliverance Acts 16 25 03/06/2021

Prosperity God Sets the Level 02/28/2021

Give What You Got You Get It Before You Give It Matthew 10 02/24/2021

Bye To Your Bondage How To Stop Living A Sad Broken Unhealthy Life I John 1 9 02/17/2021

Who Do You Want To Bury Genesis 49 31 02/14/2021

Hit It Again How Much Victory Do You Want 2 Kings 13 18 19 02/10/2021

Life From The Dead Gods Ways Gods Miracles 2 Kings 13 21 02/07/2021

Not A Covid Casualty A Victorious Church Is Essential 01/31/2021

3rd Person He Gone How to preach the gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit

A Borrowed Blessing

Accomplishing Divine Directives

All Manner of Prayers

Be Strong and Courageous Taking Possession of the Promise

Building An Altar Building A Family

Faiths Time Frame And Our Reaction

Fasting Protection Ezra 8 21 23

From Experience to Endurance

Healing Covenant

Heaven A Prepared Place for a Prepared People

Hem Lines That Please God

Honor Your Gift How To Live A Meaningful Life Matthew 2 11

Intensive Prayer Luke 18 1

It Is For Freedom

Judah Brings Perez

Justice In Prayer Luke 18 1 8

Koinonia 5 Fold Ministry

Koinonia How To Get Over Offense

Koinonia Power of Covenant Partnership

Koinonia The Commanded Blessing

Koinonia Upon This Rock A Church Is Built

My House

Overcoming the Wearing Down Assigment of Satan

Power of the Baptim in the Holy Spirit

Prayer Moves God

Reasons to Pray in the Spirit

Seven Pillars of Prayer Needs

So What… Jesus’ Atonement 1 John 2 2

The Authority of the Believer’s Mouth

The Double Cure

The Reality of Hell

This Is That Pentecost Is For You

Three D’s of Receiving in the Kingdom

We Are Still Here But For How Much Longer

We Have Authority

Woke Prayer Matthew 26 40 41

Worth Fighting For