The Fear That God Blesses

The Fear That God Blesses

“Because the midwives feared God, He established households for them.” Exodus 1:21 NASB

God blesses fear!

Not that kind of fear. Not the kind of fear that stops you from fulfilling Jesus’ plan for your life. There is another kind of fear. This is the fear that will cause you to obey God even though it might cost you something. This is the kind of fear that causes us to honor God.

The leader of Eygpt had become frightened by the size of the population of Israel. His ungodly fear drove him to command that every newborn male child of Israel be killed. He ordered that the midwives were to be ones who committed the murder. If they did not obey, they themselves were to be executed.

These midwives were motivated by fear. Not the fear of the leader of Eygpt, but the fear of God. The NASB has a note on the word “fear” in Ex. 1:21 with an alternative translation of “revered”. That means the midwives put more concern on what God thinks about a situation than what the leader of Egypt thinks about it. God’s opinion trumps man’s opinion.

God blessed their godly fear. Verse 21 clearly states why and how God responded to the midwives. He blessed them with households (literally families) of their own. It was likely that the midwives were unable to have children on their own. Historically, that is how they became midwives. They were probably barren. Not any more! Because they valued the opinion of God over the opinion of man they went from being barren to fertile. They risked their lives for other people to have families, and God gave them families.

Ungodly Fear vs. Godly Fear

God blesses us when we allow fear to be in our lives. Now, I know that we are taught to combat fear. We need to make a distinction between ungodly fear and godly fear. Ungodly fear is the fear that makes us scared or afraid. It is based on unbelief and doubt. It values other things higher than God. It values lack and poverty over provision and prosperity. It values sickness and disease over health and healing. It values logic and facts over trust and faith.

Godly fear is quite different. It trusts God. It acts in faith that God is Who He says He is and will do what He says He will do. Godly fear will obey earthly human authorities only to the extent that they do not cross God’s authority. God’s authority overrides earthly authority.

Today, I challenge you to allow fear to be in your life. The kind of fear that trusts God. The kind of fear that causes you to do things with God in mind not man.

Mother’s Day Cash

This Sunday is Mother’s Day! We are going to celebrate all mother’s. Every woman 18 and over will be celebrated with a gift. We are giving out 18 gorgeous hanging plants. Also, the mother who has the most present in the service (guests and family) will receive $100 in cash in each service. So invite your family to come to church! 

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Evangel North J.O.Y. – Just Older Youth

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Fulfill Evangel North Church’s purpose to evangelize the world by going to those who can not come to us. 

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Monday thru Friday 6AM to 6PM available.  Special after-school and half-day rates.

Michelle Mallory, Director of ENDP

Fulfill Evangel North Church’s purpose to evangelize the world by being a Christ-centered, child focused daycare and preschool.


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