Life Groups

Life Groups Fall 2016

How hungry for the Word of God are you?
We have more to learn. There is more to grow in the Word.

Take advantage of these classes starting this Wednesday (childcare available) 6PM!

The Rapture Revelation (Perry Stone) – Jonathan & Brianna Kane – Room 203 (Upstairs)
The Holy Spirit (Kenneth Hagin) – Debbie Shaut & Karen Ellenbrand – Fellowship Hall near the gym
Prayer & Practice – Michelle Mallory & Stephanie Cheatum – Green Room in Main Sanctuary behind platform
Marriage On The Rock (Jimmy & Karen Evans) – Jeremy & Jenny Miller – Room 201 (Upstairs)
Captivating (Eldridge)/Fight Like A Girl (Bevere) – Mary Rodgers & Cheryl Snyder – Children’s Church
In His Presence (EW Kenyon) – Brian Ellenbrand & Gaius Snyder – Room 124 (hallway beside Children’s Church)
Spiritual Foundations – Bill & Marylou Royce – Room 125 (hallway beside Children’s Church)